Gnossienne (2015)

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Director’s Statement

In life, we come across situations that attach little importance to us and hence we overlook the implications of these situations. We deal with these situations with carelessness and only when things go wrong do we realize our errors. But by then its too late and all that we are left with is regret.

In the case of Jeremy and Sara, they had a very happy relationship, things couldn't get any better for them. Just when you thought things would not go wrong, they fell victims to a cruel act of fate. The most harmless act by Jeremy bore the most devastating results for him by taking away his beautiful wife. Even though he is alive and has done no wrong, he will now have to live with the pain and bear the guilt for the rest of his life.

Just in a matter of moments our lives can turn from being the happiest to the most hurtful. Sarah didn’t know the implications of the medications that could take away her life and thus turn Jeremy's life into living hell.

The purpose of my movie is to demonstrate how human situations, no matter how, blessed they are, can acquire ill fate. Things that we consider the epitome of happiness, can suddenly acquire extreme tones. This does not mean that we should always be pessimistic in life, rather we should be cautious and careful. We should not take things lightly as they can have extreme affects. Similarly, in matters of family, we should practice extreme restraint and caution. Even a single act of negligence can lead us to regret which can thus haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Log line

After the loss of his wife, Jeremy disconnects himself from the world outside, only to be contacted by his maid, to help to him let go of the grief that he is suffering and to gradually move on in his life.


Winner - Best Director (Student) - 2016 Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

Finalist - 2016 IndustryBOOST Competition

Official Selection -

2015 Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes

2017 Seoul Int’l Youth Film Festival

2017 Malaysia Golden Global Awards Short Film Competition

2016 Meliorist Film Festival

2016 Navi Mumbai International Film Festival

2016 Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition

2016 Slemani International Film Festival

2016 Ekurhuleni International Film Festival

2015 Pune Short Film Festival

2015 Roxbury International Film Festival

2015 Student Art Festival

2015 Salento International Film Festival

2015 Pictoclik Showcase: Battle of the Film School Shorts

2015 Golden Diana Awards

Honorable Mention - 2015 International Film Awards Berlin

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Technical Specifications

Filming Location: Los Angeles, CA

Runtime: 16 min 41 secs

Color: Color

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

Camera: Red Epic

Cinematographic Process: Redcode RAW

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